City Overview

Drannoth is a large sized city (approximately 14,000 people) in the kingdom of Erathor. It is divided into several districts: the merchants district, the workers district and the noble district.

Detailed City Information

The three noble houses overview

There are three noble houses, the Meldourne, Farrowkin and Lorn.


Meldourne house symbol

The Meldourne is a new noble house that has its roots in the commoners and are generally well liked. The Meldourne house is mostly a collection of human and dwarves with a few elves and eladrin. The Meldourne house leader is Fenor Meldourne.

The Farrowkin are seen to be more calculating, doing their best to supress the Meldourne house’s rise to power. The Farrowkin have existed for 40 years. The Farrowkin is exclusively human. The Farrowkin house leader is Kurat Farrowkin.

The Lorn house are a collection of scholars and priests who argue philosophy and are generally disconnected with the goings on of the city. The Lorn house is comprised mostly of elves and eladrin.


Standard of Erathor

Standard of Erathor

City Ruler

The city is ruled by Thurn Meldourne of the Meldourne house for the past six years. When a member of the noble house becomes ruler of Drannoth must cut off ties and show no favoritism to any given house. In the past this has been difficult to enforce but has been less prevelant of late with the appointment of the Five Judges of Drannoth (see below). Thurn is well liked by the commoners but the noble house of Farrowkin has tried to replace him three times since the formation of the Five Judges.

Five Judges of Drannoth

Formed four years ago (two years after the Meldourne house took power) the Five Judges of Drannoth are comprised of one member from each noble house and two commoners, selected by election every six years by the commoners. When a complaint is lodged from one of the other houses or the commoners about a ruler’s performance the judges are convened and the evidence is considered. This can only happen once a year. If a ruler is deemed to be grossly negligent then a new ruler takes the place and is voted on by the Arbiters (comprised of two elected commoners and one noble from each of the Noble houses).


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